Description Rump is prepared from Hindquarter (Sirloin Butt) by a cut commencing at the subiliac lymph node to a point cranial to the acetabulum to the ischiatic lymph node and the ventral portion of the Flank. The Loin (cranial end) is separated from the Hindquarter by a cut at the lumbosacral junction in a straight line cranial to the tuber coxae to the ventral portion of the Flank. The abdominal muscles are removed from the tail (flank) leaving the M.tensor fasciae late in situ. CMA code: 1160
Weight of the article Not less than 4.5 kg. ECE UN code, AUS-meat code: 2090
Shell life Fresh: 30 days – +0 – +2°С.Frozen: 12 months – minus 18°С. HALAL
Packaging Fresh: vacuum packaging, closed carton box 

Frozen: wrapped in foil, closed carton box