Our Premium range of chestnuts, available in our trademark pink packaging is the result of a careful selection of only the best varieties available. In particular, the Premium Range of chestnuts has been chosen for their superior flavor and ease of peeling. Many of the varieties in our premium range are exclusive to Premium Chestnuts.



Available from early April, it is the earliest chestnut in our Premium Range. This delicious chestnut has a distinct sweet nutty flavour to it. It is a uniquely shaped nut, slightly elongated and the skin is reddish in colour. Exclusively available from Premium Chestnuts Thailand.

Premium Delight
Our signature chestnut in the Premium Range and our growers favourite! This variety never disappoints in sweetness, peeling and storage. It is available from early May through to August. It is definitely worth waiting for and will keep chestnut lovers satisfied throughout the winter months. Exclusively available from Premium Chestnuts Thailand.

Gourmet Lady
A close cousin to our favourite and it has all the same desirable qualities as Premium Delight. Best enjoyed by the fire with a quality glass of red wine it is sure to keep you cosy this winter! Exclusively available from Premium Chestnuts Thailand.

De Coppi Marone
This generic variety has been a favourite in Thailand for many years. It has a good flavour and peels well. A variety we feel is good enough to be included in our Premium Range; grown handled and packaged to the highest standards required of Premium Chestnuts Thailand growers.

We at Premium Chestnuts Thailand recognise that there are many other chestnut varieties favoured by growers and consumers alike. We have a range of generic varieties of chestnuts available in our yellow Premium Chestnuts Thailand packaging. They have been grown, handled and packaged to the high standards required of Premium Chestnuts Thailand growers.

Varieties available in our yellow packaging:

Buffalo Queen
Favoured as these are the first chestnuts on the market. Available from late March. These chestnuts are best boiled than roasted. Great for use in cooking.

Red Spanish
A very attractive large, shiny chestnut available from late March. Great for use in recipes; best boiled rather than roasted.

Purton’s Pride
A favourite with many and definitely a winner on flavour. It peels well most of the time and is great for roasting on the fire. Available from May to August.